Wellness Teas – A Selection of Tea & Herb Blends

Wellness teas are teas that have been specially formulated to include adaptogens and other herbs that are purported to boost general health indicators such as immunity, focus, and a state or feeling of calm.

Teas in general contain compounds that research has shown to help boost immune function offering an assistance to our defence against common illnesses commonly experienced during the winter months for example. These compounds include catechins (a chemical found in tea leaves, especially green tea), amino acids (important in building proteins that help the immune system) and polyphenols (an antioxidant).

Wellness teas, however, take these naturally-occurring immune system boosting features of tea one step further by incorporating herbs, spices, and other ingredients such as adaptogens, that you would not ordinarily find in your standard off the shelf black tea blend to further boost the popular beverage’s health benefits.